GE Lunar Pixi Densitometer Machine

GE Lunar PixiThe GE Lunar Pixi bone densitometer offers the ability to measure both the patient’s forearm and heel. This machine uses dual-energy subtraction that measures the patient’s BMD which then produces digital images of the site.

The GE Lunar Pixi produces 512 x 512 digital images of both the heel and forearm at 0.2mm pixels. When you buy a GE Lunar Pixi, you will also receive a notebook computer, Pixi software, manuals and more.

GE Lunar Pixi Densitometer Machine Features:

  • Ability to measure both forearm and heel
  • True DEXA peripheral system
  • Pixel size of 0.2 mm

For additional information on the GE Lunar Pixi Densitometer Machine, please contact Bone Density Machines. We can provide high quality bone densitometry equipment at the right price for your clinic.

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