GE Lunar DPX-IQ Densitometer Machine

LUNAR DPX IQThe Lunar DPX-IQ is a total body pencil beam bone densitometer. This machine will give you fast and precise measurements with a low patient dose. This densitometer uses a pencil beam to achieve the precision your patients demand at the low radiation dose needed. In addition to giving you fast and precise measurements, it also will give you high resolution images. It will give you high patient throughput by allowing 1 minute AP spine scans, 2 minute femur scans and 4 minute total body scans.

The GE Lunar DPX-IQ comes equipped with an 8 foot patient table. It also comes with Lunar’s automated clinical software for AP spine, femur, total body and tissue quantification. This software will allow you to run trend reports and manage your data. This machine is available in either a full 240 cm or compact 180cm length.

GE Lunar DPX-IQ Densitometer Machine Features:

  • Fast Acquisition
  • High resolution imaging
  • Highly automated and sophisticated software
  • Requires minimal room space

For additional information on the GE Lunar DPX-IQ Densitometer Machine, please contact Bone Density Machines. We can provide high quality bone densitometry equipment at the right price for your clinic.

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