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GE Lunar Achilles Express Densitometer Machine

The Archilles Express by GE is a compact ultrasonometer that provides a cost-effective way to evaluate the risk of fracture resulting from osteoporosis. This machine offers low precision error that makes it possible to monitor bone changes. When you buy the Achilles Express, you will be able to perform exams in very little time. It […]

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GE Lunar Achilles Insight Densitometer Machine

The GE Lunar Achilles Insight is GE’s first bone ultrasound system that provides instant imaging of the patient’s heel that can be used to assess osteoporosis. When you use the Achilles Insight, you will be able to view the bone measurement location prior to conducting the measurement as older systems have relied on using a […]

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GE Lunar DPX Bravo Densitometer Machine

The Lunar DPX Bravo densitometer by GE is a SmartBeam™ platform that provides you with high-performance scanning and clinical utility. When you use the Lunar DPX Bravo, you are going to be able to get measurements for your patients from the two most vital clinical sites. These clinical sites would be the spine and the […]

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GE Lunar DPX Duo Densitometer Machine

The Lunar DPX Duo densitometer by GE is a SmartBeam platform that is compact and fits in almost any room. It can be placed in any office with a zero net change in the available square footage. When you are not using it for bone densitometry exams, you can also use it as an exam […]

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GE Lunar DPX Pro Densitometer Machine

The GE Lunar DPX Pro is a bone densitometer machine that uses the pencil-beam technology. When it comes to scanning your patients, the process is automated and quick. This machine uses the QuickScan feature produces rapid acquisitions and is considered one of the fastest pencil-beam systems in the industry. When you buy the GE Lunar […]

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GE Lunar DPX-IQ Densitometer Machine

The Lunar DPX-IQ is a total body pencil beam bone densitometer. This machine will give you fast and precise measurements with a low patient dose. This densitometer uses a pencil beam to achieve the precision your patients demand at the low radiation dose needed. In addition to giving you fast and precise measurements, it also […]

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GE Lunar Pixi Densitometer Machine

The GE Lunar Pixi bone densitometer offers the ability to measure both the patient’s forearm and heel. This machine uses dual-energy subtraction that measures the patient’s BMD which then produces digital images of the site. The GE Lunar Pixi produces 512 x 512 digital images of both the heel and forearm at 0.2mm pixels. When […]

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GE Lunar Prodigy Densitometer Machine

The Lunar Prodigy by GE was the first bone densitometer that was designed to look beyond the bone mineral density. This machines technology has the ability to detect subtle bone changes. It also delivers fast scans and has some exceptional capabilities that cover a wide range of clinical applications. The GE Lunar Prodigy uses a […]

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