Norland XR-46 Densitometer Machine

Norland XR-46 The Norland XR-46 bone densitometer machine is a DXA scanner that uses the pencil beam technology. It accommodates full body or regional scans. This machine has been designed for the clinical sites of the (BMD) whole body, AP spine, lateral spine, hip and forearm. It has been designed with an exclusive 77 step calibration process to allow a wide scanning range of patients without any special calibration or data correction.

The Norland XR-46 is equipped with an 8” DXA table and a large active scan area to accommodate more patient sizes. It provides fast scan times of < 1.5 minutes for AP spine, < 2.0 minutes for hip, < 3.0 minutes for forearm, < 4.0 minutes for lateral spine and 5 minutes for Whole Body. 

Norland XR-46 Densitometer Machine Features:

  • 8 foot patient table
  • Fast scan times
  • Equipped with an exclusive 77-step calibration process Large active scan area
  • Accommodates a wide range of patient sizes
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