Norland Excell Densitometer Machine

Norland ExcellThe Excell by Norland is a 6 foot bone densitometer machine that uses the pencil beam technology. The standard clinical sites for this machine are the AP spine and the proximal femur. It is equipped with an exclusive 77 step calibration process that allows you to scan a wide range of patients without any special calibration or data correction. It also has an exclusive dynamic filtration system that allows for a wide range of patient thickness to ensure that every data point of the patient receives the proper exposure.

The Norland Excell offers your clinic with faster scan times. You have the ability to scan the AP spine in under 1.5 minutes and the hip in under 2 minutes. This bone densitometer has the risk assessment featured that will provide you with simple color reporting for both the physician and the patient.

Norland Excell Densitometer Machine Features:

  • 6” patient table that holds up to 400 pounds
  • Pencil beam DXA (dual energy x-ray absorptiometer)
  • Small footprint that is ideal for any clinic
  • Presents standard BMD using NHANES III data

For additional information on the Norland Excell Densitometer Machine, please contact Bone Density Machines. We can provide high quality bone densitometry equipment at the right price for your clinic.

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