Norland Apollo Densitometer Machine

Norland ApolloThe Apollo is a bone densitometer by Norland that is used for the heel. This densitometer assesses the metabolically active and weight bearing trabecular bone that is in the calcaneus. This machine uses the DXA technology which allows for no water bath. This DXA technology is the most widely accepted bone density scanning technology. This machine offers low scan times and the lowest ionizing radiation exposure of the competing bone densitometer machines.

The Norland Apollo is small, compact and best of all, portable. When you buy the Norland Apollo, you are going to offer your clinic more flexibility for out of the clinic testing. The machine is very is easy to use which allows for minimal training. This bone densitometer operates from a hand held control console and has a printer that will give you quality reporting with the Norland pioneered fracture risk assessment feature.

Norland Apollo Densitometer Machine Features:

  • Portable
  • Comfortable for patient
  • Low scan times
  • Low ionizing radiation exposure
  • Desktop printer

For additional information on the Norland Apollo Densitometer Machine, please contact Bone Density Machines. We can provide high quality bone densitometry equipment at the right price for your clinic.

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