GE Lunar DPX Duo Densitometer Machine

GE Lunar GPX DuoThe Lunar DPX Duo densitometer by GE is a SmartBeam platform that is compact and fits in almost any room. It can be placed in any office with a zero net change in the available square footage. When you are not using it for bone densitometry exams, you can also use it as an exam table for your regular patient visits. This is the first and only bone densitometer that has this option.

The GE Lunar DPX Duo will provide your clinic with high performance scanning. This machine provides you with accurate and reliable bone mineral density measurements which will enable you to make the proper diagnosis for your patients. You will get measurements of the spine and femur, the two most clinical sites, in a matter of seconds with a low dose of radiation. It is also equipped with the enCORE™ software platform that is highly automated. It is based on Windows® and will optimize your productivity which will give you consistent results.

GE Lunar DPX Duo Densitometer Machine Features:

  • Detect early bone changes in your patients
  • Equipped with the enCORE™ software platform
  • Advanced OneScan & SmartScan features
  • Automated patient scanning
  • Graphical user interface

For additional information on the GE Lunar DPX Densitometer Machine, please contact Bone Density Machines. We can provide high quality bone densitometry equipment at the right price for your clinic.

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